Now in Stores: Love Junk Food But Want to Go Vegan? Try The Dirty Vegan Cookbook

Review by Naomi Szeben, Writer and Book Critic


With the holidays over and a new year ahead filled with resolutions and renewed resolve, the question of “What Do You Feed A Vegan?” is bound to come up once again. The good news is that it’s possible to enjoy much of the same comfort food non-vegans eat, but with none of the meat, dairy or animal by-products like lard, refined sugar or honey.

Such a timely and fun resource can be found in Catherine Gill’s latest book, The Dirty Vegan Cookbook, Your Favorite Recipes Made Vegan.


Cover Art fo THE DIRTY VEGAN, by Catherine Gill. Courtesy Penguin Random House, 2017


New England-based Gill is vegan, and an honest writer at that. When asked why she called her cookbook The Dirty Vegan, her response was clear: Vegan eating doesn’t necessarily mean “clean eating.” A plant based diet can also mean comfort foods, which the author provides in plentiful, colourfully photographed examples through her cookbook.

This 224-page tome makes for a great cookbook for people who are thinking of easing slowly into a plant-based diet, without giving up comfort foods like their Chicken Alfredo or New England Clam Chowder. Gill is a refreshing voice from other cooking volumes that focus on the health benefits of giving up meat and dairy. In fact, her blog, The Dirty Vegan , began as a mission to debunk the myth of a vegan diet as being limiting or restrictive.


Writer and Vegan Blogger Catherine Gill. Photo Courtesy of the author, at


With its user-friendly method that shows cooks at all stages of expertise how to prepare self-described “vegan junk food,” this book features recipes that will delight those looking for a guilty pleasure; this is not the type of guide for people searching for an elegant menu for brunch.





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