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Now on Blu-Ray: Twin Peaks Limited Series Event as Weird as Ever…Now with More Cooper!

Blu-Ray Review by Dominic Messier, Founder, Editor and TV Critic   There’s something to be said about the unique experience of viewing an eclectic drama the likes of David Lynch’s Twin Peaks. With its quirky narrative style, its haunting synth tones and mind-warping twists, it was a refreshing alternative to the primetime pablum from 1990 television….


Now on Blu-Ray: In This Corner of the World a Heartwrenching Animated Period Drama

Review by Dominic Messier, Founder, Editor and Film Critic   Seeing this film as a refreshing alternative from the popular but nonetheless brilliant Miyazaki fantasy tales of decades past, I found myself apprehensive whilst approaching In This Corner of the World, a period piece set perilously close to the fated August 6, 1945 historical nightmare that was the…