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Now on Blu-Ray: The Flintstones Complete Series Celebrates an Animation Classic

By Dominic Messier, Founder, Editor-in-Chief and Former Bedrock Resident    During this period of pandemic-related lockdown, it’s not surprising that, given the delays with new Fall TV shows having fallen behind production schedules, that most of us would decide to revisit some older TV properties, if only to keep cheerful and relatively sane. A great…


TV Review: Star Trek: Lower Decks Animated Series Explores Federation Hilarity at Warp Speed

By Dominic Messier, Founder, Editor and Ten Forward Regular   Fifty-four years ago, an inventive sci-fi series about Starfleet explorers aboard an iconic starship launched an enduring franchise that would see seven spin-offs (with a few more planned), thirteen movies and countless books, graphic novels and memorabilia. Indeed, Star Trek has been to the final frontier and…


Review: Star Trek Short Treks a Pleasantly Mixed Bag of Fan Friendly Goodies

By Dominic Messier, Founder, Editor and Card Carrying Trekkie since 1974   With the resurgence of popular Star Trek TV spin-offs hitting the airwaves in the last few years (Star Trek: Discovery, Star Trek: Picard, the upcoming Star Trek: Strange New Worlds), it comes as no surprise that the fan base’s appetite for original content is growing faster than…